FPCS is a specialist contractor able to provide design and installation of CSD Insert Sleves

Passive fire protection (PFP) is an integral component of the components of structural fire protection and firesafety in a building. PFP attempts to contain fires or slow the spread, such as by fire-resistant walls, floors, and doors

  • fire protection barriers to walls, floors and ceilings (insulated and uninsulated)

  • fire protection to structural and non-structural steelwork using intumescent paints.

  • fire and blast resistant panels for the protection of critical plant and escape routes.

  • sealing of cable ducts against water and gas ingress and protection against fire


The extent of design provided by FPCS is the determination of the method of fixing the relevant passive fire protection and/or cable duct sealing arrangements to the client’s building structure or plant that is to be protected.
FPCS has the in-house capability to design, manufacture and install a range of passive fire protection walls, barriers, ceilings, ductwork and tunnels, and including firestop sealing of pipework, ductwork and cable penetrations. Where necessary fire-rated doorsets can also be supplied and installed.


Fire Protection Consultancy Services Limited is an experienced installer of a wide range of firestopping products and systems which prevent the passage of fire or toxic fumes through gaps in barriers where they are penetrated by service pipes, ducts and cables

Firestopping is an essential element of the overall passive fire protection strategy to ensure the protection of personnel and property.