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Welcome To Fire Protection CS Stefan

Updated: May 24, 2019

My Background (Stefan's Blog)

I was in financial services for years and was at one of the biggest mortgage brokerages and property development companies in the UK. Sadly when the credit crunch hit the industry it was time to move on. I opted to go down the offshore route. I started at the bottom of the drilling side and it became apparent that I was very safety minded. I made myself available for promotions and eventually became safety officer on two platforms in the North Sea. I was involved in the evacuation of two platform fires and ensuring the safe disembarkment of over 400 people. In 2016 when the price of oil plummeted this, unfortunately, meant redundancies. I decided to carry on with health and safety and fire protection working alongside two IFE registered fire inspectors. Coming across an abundance of issues in the construction industry and a shortage of firms to carry out the work I approached Phil about expanding FPCS to the North East and here we are.

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